8/25/11 Workout Journal

I have concluded that since cross training is what kicks my booty the most, it must be what pushes my body the most.

Today I started with 20 minutes on the elliptical and ended with 20 minutes on the treadmill. In between the sweaty cardio bookends was an even more sweaty circuit.

I did one minute intervals of the following:

Jumping Jacks / Burpees / Side Shuffle / basketball Shuffle / Kick-Back Burpees / High Kicks / Belly Busters / Rocking Chair / Lunge High Kicks / Mountain Climbers / Reverse Mountain Climbers / Duck Walk / High Knees / Squat Explosions / Lunge Jumps

It kicked mine…hard.

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My Current Gym Impetus

I have been having random and unusual interactions at the gym. I few weeks back I started noticed one of the trainers watching me work out. After a few days of making eye contact he approached me as I was doing my plank pick ups and made a comment about me being hardcore and looking all serious. I made some wise crack and went on with my work out.

A week later he and another trainer are walking around the gym and they stop by me and discuss me being “a little monster” and looking like I could “destroy them.” As I am stretching he comes over and asks how many times I came to the gym that week because he thought it was often. He then proceeds to ask what I do for work and what time I am generally off of work.

Another week goes by and he tells me he is impressed with how hard I was going that work out and that he had seen big guys puke doing the same work out with more breaks and less weight. He mentioned they recently got these ab pads and that I should grab him and try them out one of these days.

When I see him the next day he comments on the tan line on my back and asks what I was outside doing. Cycling dude, I ride hard. TWSS-couldn’t resist, I work with 150 men each day remember. After this encounter I catch him looking in my direction multiple times while I treadmill it up. Each time I make eye contact he meets me with a smile.

A couple of days later he tells me that watching me work out makes him sweaty and again that he likes the look of determination I have. This day I agree to try those ab pads and felt I had to ask him what I could have done to make him hate me so much when I finished. His response, it’s because he loves me that much.

I am always curious what will be said the next time I talk with him which acts as a nice motivation towards getting to the gym most days.

He totally wants to train me huh?

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8/23 Workout Journal

Nice easy cardio day-60 minute treadmill hill intervals.
Followed by a long stretch session.

Ready to go hard on 8/24!!

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Quitters never win

Don’t ever give up on dream due to the amount of time it will take to achieve it. The time will pass anyways.
Russ Ebsen

This is one of the most meaningful quotes to me personally. It is posted on my fridge and has moved four times with me, always getting it’s spot on the fridge at each new place.
It serves as a reminder to me that what is worth reaching for is always doable but it might take longer than planned/expected/desired. I should know since I’ve been in college the majority of the past 12 years and will finally graduate this winter!

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8/22 Workout Journal

I was planning to go for a 4 mile run but my stomach was again not feeling good so I opted for a cycle class and weights instead.  I really hope this wonky stomach issue is resolved soon. The race is in less than a month and running is the area I want to see improvement.

60 minute cycle class

4 rounds of the following (sets of 18 for the squats and presses and sets of 25 explosions and lunges in between for active recovery)

Weighted Bar Squats (first time in over a year without using the Smith Machine!!)


Hack Squat Machine

Static Lunges

Single Leg Press

I spent about a half hour in the weight area and my legs were sufficiently noodley at the end.

After weights I tried out a new piece of ab equipment – basically four 2×4 sized pads that you rest your toes and forearms on. From the plank position I scooted myself forward about 20 feet, did a couple punches, side-kicks, and pikes before scooting back to the start line. Then I repeated it. One of the trainers at the gym suggested I try this out. I found the scooting backwards part to be super challenging while the rest was difficult but didn’t make me want to cry (much!).  When I finished, trainer-friend made a crack that he would make me a full 30 minute workout using those pads. I asked him what I could have possibly done to make him hate me so much.

Are you currently training for an athletic event? Does your stomach scream MERCY when you run? 

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Key to my heart

Not many people know the full disclosure story of how I came to live in Arizona. There is always more to any story than what is told initially. I am ready to give you a little bit more insight.

As you may recall, I took a weekend trip to Phoenix in April of 2010. I was instantly in awe of the sunshine and cactus. But there was more that made my heart pitter-patter on that weekend trip. More that wrapped my heart and consumed my thoughts. I tried to forget but I simply couldn’t. I thought I was going nuts, I constantly thought about when we would be together again. Once I found out moving to Arizona was going to happen, I was ecstatic. I knew this was fate.

I was to report to our Phoenix office for my first training day on a Monday but I drove up Sunday night. Partially because I didn’t want to be alone that night after dropping off my sweet friend at the airport and partially because I knew I couldn’t wait one more night to be reunited. After finding a hotel for the night I jumped into my car, ready for the adventure.

Down the road from the office is a little cafe. In April they served me the most delicious Greek Chicken Sandwich I had ever had in my life. No, scratch that, it was the most delicious sandwich I had ever tasted. It came to me at a time when I all but gave up hope that gluten-free bread could be tasty and that I could one day go into a restaurant and order a sandwich and enjoy it.

I talked about this sandwich for weeks. I constantly wanted to eat it. Naturally it was the first thing I wanted when I arrived in Phoenix. When I arrived, I discovered they had eliminated it from the menu. Not a single person in the restaurant knew what gluten-free was, let alone the fact that two months prior they served the most amazing sandwich known to (wo)man on gluten-free bread. Talk about crushing. I honestly can’t tell you what I did that night. Maybe I ordered a salad from them not wanting to be judged for walking out, maybe I went elsewhere for dinner, maybe I had a round at the hotel bar. I don’t remember, all I remember was wanting my sandwich and being upset that I was rejected by the sandwich gods.

That is until I found my new sandwich love. Seriously folks, if you find your self in Tucson you must go to Renee’s Organic Oven.  Homegirl knows what she is doing in the kitchen. Their pizzas are unique and amazing, their veggie sandwich knocks me off my feet, and their cake isn’t half bad either! 🙂 Oh and almost everything on the menu is gluten-free or can be gluten-free. I picked up ingredients to make my own version so expect to see a glorious sandwich appearing on this blog soon.

I hope your Sunday was full of happiness and yummy sandwhiches.

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8/21/11 Workout Journal

Another day, another ride. Another 7 am start time. Is anyone else loving that the weather hasn’t been so bad this month that a 7 am start time actually isn’t too late to get a quality ride in?

The weather this morning was perfect – 77 degrees when we started and 80 degrees when I arrived back home. The sky was overcast the majority of the ride. It was glorious! Six months ago I couldn’t imagine being someone that was excited for rain or cloud coverage. I am still not a big fan of either if they are hanging around durning planned pool time but I don’t mind if a couple clouds want to hang out while I pedal away.

My legs were pretty tight but it was a good 27 mile ride. It’s in those tense moments that real progress is made.

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