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Yoga on Saturday was a much-needed hour of stretching after the 40 mile bike ride. It was a yoga class at the gym so it wasn’t over the top amazing but I felt the teacher was good and it did … Continue reading

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Key to my heart

Not many people know the full disclosure story of how I came to live in Arizona. There is always more to any story than what is told initially. I am ready to give you a little bit more insight. As you … Continue reading

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8/21/11 Workout Journal

Another day, another ride. Another 7 am start time. Is anyone else loving that the weather hasn’t been so bad this month that a 7 am start time actually isn’t too late to get a quality ride in? The weather … Continue reading

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Check in time

Just wanted to swing by and say hey! Please don’t forget about me. This week has Royally Slayed me but I hope to be back in full force very soon. Happy weekend everyone. For fun – what’s the strangest food combination … Continue reading

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Let’s just

Let’s gloss over how exactly I felt at 5:45 this morning when my alarm went off. Let’s choose to focus on the feeling and the activity that started at 7 this morning. My cycling friend, Hollee, was home from her … Continue reading

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Thank you Arizona

I have found myself more than once thinking about how much has changed over the last eighteen months. Eighteen months ago, I was very unhappy with my daily life and felt confused and unsure of my direction most days. Nothing … Continue reading

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Mountains are Pretty

Here are some shots from a month ago when I was bored one night and decided to hop in the car and go for a ride.

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