Give me that omlette

I slept in yesterday – 7:30! I woke up a handful of times over the morning and declared them all too early since I had nothing planned until 11. Sleeping in was a decision I quickly regretted.

I started homework and got into a groove but abandoned it within 2 hours to straighten up and get ready for my day. Looking back I should have left the bed when I first woke up, finished my homework early and made a trip to the gym or gone for a walk. I much prefer getting business done early and then a full day to play.  

I had plans at 11. Since I was dressed up I snapped a photo.

I met a group of 16 at Armitage Wine Bar for brunch.

I went with the mushroom, prosciutto, havarti omelette with potato wedges. I also had a mimosa and a bellini. They were half priced and it was brunch so I justified it, okay.

After a two-hour brunch, I was craving pool time. Sadly the homework was calling me to finish it and I had to answer the call.

Rounded out my weekend with a quick trip to Costco for bread and fruit, a sweaty HITT treadmill workout, and a piece of  salmon from that place that takes all my money.

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2 Responses to Give me that omlette

  1. Emily says:

    Super cute top!! And the omlette looks amazing! Sounds like you had a very nice Sunday.

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