8/28/11 Workout Journal

What do you get when you add having just 45 minutes to workout and the inability to fully extend your arms because they are sore from Friday together?

One SWEATY treadmill HIIT workout!

Well first I stopped in the weight area to bust out 3 sets of 18 reps of:

Overhead Press / Lateral Raises / Lat Pulldown / Seated Row / 21s / Bicep Curls

I wanted to get the blood flowing to the upper body and was hoping a light working of neighboring muscle groups would help me forget the soreness in the biceps and triceps.

Then it was treadmill time!!!

In 20 minutes I powered through 2 miles and blasted away the calories. After a quick warm up, I alternated between going balls to the walls for 1 minute and walking for 1 minute.

Props to Drake and Usher Radio on Pandora for getting me through this one.

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