Mega Beast Style

(Lamesauce photo)

Happy Saturday!!

Wow, what a day. My alarm went off at 4:45 this morning and my first thought was “what was I thinking getting H to commit to today’s ride?” My second thought was “why does my throat feel funny?” Followed by “Well you can’t cancel on this ride since you suckered H into it so deal.”

Popped out of bed, tossed on my most padded Pearl Izumi bike shorts and my favorite coral Nike cycling tank (pockets in the back, yo!).

Forced myself to eat something – half a bagel with sunflower seed butter and a coffee banana smoothie. A brush of my teeth, hair pony tailed, grabbed my gear, and took of to meet H.


We planned to meet on the corner at 5:30 and as you can see the sun was just coming up. I was impressed I remembered to put sunscreen on because seriously, who thinks of that prior to 5 am when the sun is still sleeping?

Insert tangent – Sadest part of the morning was that my bike computer didn’t register any of the ride so I had no way to see distance or pace. The photo at the top of the post is horrible quality but gives an idea of what I was doing for 40 miles this morning.

After a quick shot up the road, we met up with the group we would be spending the next few hours with. Once the group was ready we took off heading west. We regrouped about 10 miles into the ride and while waiting and fueling I snapped these shots.



From there we headed northeast. By this point the sun was definitely awake. I struggled some during this section of the ride. After messing up my gears last weekend I had a difficult time getting into the sweet spot. Luckily I found it for the last 10 miles!

A cute neighborhood path

From the neighborhood we headed east before reaching another pausing spot. The terrain was very nice for this portion and basically just some rolling hills.

At this point of the ride H wasn’t feeling to great and we were both ready to be on our way home. Once the group was starting to reform we let them know we were taking off to complete the ride and started on our way south.

The last section of the route was down hill with one little push hill. We dominated that section and separated at the meet up spot. I continued down the road I live on going west. I went out a couple of miles before looping back towards home.

When I got home I snapped a pic of my dirty leg – because you totally want to see this!

It was shark bite central over here, two showers later and I still have a little left to scrub off.

Grabbed myself a smoothie – ok fine I almost cried because Mr. Magic Bullet wasn’t releasing the top and I thought my smoothie and my stomach wouldn’t get to be together – and headed to the gym for a yoga class and short walk to stretch my legs out.

My afternoon was just as crazy as the morning so I’ll check you later for round 2!

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