My Current Gym Impetus

I have been having random and unusual interactions at the gym. I few weeks back I started noticed one of the trainers watching me work out. After a few days of making eye contact he approached me as I was doing my plank pick ups and made a comment about me being hardcore and looking all serious. I made some wise crack and went on with my work out.

A week later he and another trainer are walking around the gym and they stop by me and discuss me being “a little monster” and looking like I could “destroy them.” As I am stretching he comes over and asks how many times I came to the gym that week because he thought it was often. He then proceeds to ask what I do for work and what time I am generally off of work.

Another week goes by and he tells me he is impressed with how hard I was going that work out and that he had seen big guys puke doing the same work out with more breaks and less weight. He mentioned they recently got these ab pads and that I should grab him and try them out one of these days.

When I see him the next day he comments on the tan line on my back and asks what I was outside doing. Cycling dude, I ride hard. TWSS-couldn’t resist, I work with 150 men each day remember. After this encounter I catch him looking in my direction multiple times while I treadmill it up. Each time I make eye contact he meets me with a smile.

A couple of days later he tells me that watching me work out makes him sweaty and again that he likes the look of determination I have. This day I agree to try those ab pads and felt I had to ask him what I could have done to make him hate me so much when I finished. His response, it’s because he loves me that much.

I am always curious what will be said the next time I talk with him which acts as a nice motivation towards getting to the gym most days.

He totally wants to train me huh?

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2 Responses to My Current Gym Impetus

  1. Heather says:

    Sounds like he wants to ask you out on a date! Is he cute?!

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