8/22 Workout Journal

I was planning to go for a 4 mile run but my stomach was again not feeling good so I opted for a cycle class and weights instead.  I really hope this wonky stomach issue is resolved soon. The race is in less than a month and running is the area I want to see improvement.

60 minute cycle class

4 rounds of the following (sets of 18 for the squats and presses and sets of 25 explosions and lunges in between for active recovery)

Weighted Bar Squats (first time in over a year without using the Smith Machine!!)


Hack Squat Machine

Static Lunges

Single Leg Press

I spent about a half hour in the weight area and my legs were sufficiently noodley at the end.

After weights I tried out a new piece of ab equipment – basically four 2×4 sized pads that you rest your toes and forearms on. From the plank position I scooted myself forward about 20 feet, did a couple punches, side-kicks, and pikes before scooting back to the start line. Then I repeated it. One of the trainers at the gym suggested I try this out. I found the scooting backwards part to be super challenging while the rest was difficult but didn’t make me want to cry (much!).  When I finished, trainer-friend made a crack that he would make me a full 30 minute workout using those pads. I asked him what I could have possibly done to make him hate me so much.

Are you currently training for an athletic event? Does your stomach scream MERCY when you run? 

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