8/17/11 Workout Journal

It was a leg day. I LOVE working legs, I feel like I have pretty good strength in my legs and I know how to sufficiently and effectively work them to fatigue. I love that shaky feeling, when you feel like you just can’t do one more rep, and the feeling of pushing through that last tough rep. I love when I am “walking it out” on the treadmill after and one leg feels like it is going to give out, you stumble and catch your balance with the feeling of ‘Oh yes, I killed it today!’ I even don’t mind when a certain hottie notices the stumble and shots me a smile.

I lost my piece of paper that I wrote my workout down on. I can’t remember weight and rep details off the top of my mind so I guess I’ll give you a run down of the exercises I did.

Weighted Smith Bar Squats

Walking Lunges With Dumbbells

Single Leg Presses At Machine

Single Leg Squats At Machine

Hack Squat Machine

Leg Extension Machine

Leg Curl Machine

Hip Abductor Machine

Calf Raises

Glute Kickback Machine

Ended it with a short ab session and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

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