Let’s just

Let’s gloss over how exactly I felt at 5:45 this morning when my alarm went off. Let’s choose to focus on the feeling and the activity that started at 7 this morning.

My cycling friend, Hollee, was home from her honeymoon. Time out: let’s give major love to Hollee and her new hubby-she was the first friend I made in Tucson last summer!! Ok, game on:  So anyways, between final wedding preparations, the wedding, honeymoon, and regular crazy life stuff we hadn’t been on a ride together in 2 months!! 2 months that basically equaled me (us) being slacker(s) on the bike without our buddy to help motivate, push, and keep it fun.

I enjoy my rides with Hollee so much. I love being active, outside, and getting my sweat on –so what better way to catch up with my friend than through our mutual love of sweat sessions?

I set off on the one mile ride to Hollee’s place just before 7. As I rounded the last corner and could see her place I heard a change in the sound from my bike. I had a flat tire one mile into the ride. 😦 I rolled up to Hollee’s place and told her about the flat. She joked that I was supposed to wait to get the flat until we were actually on the road so a cute guy could help me change the tube. Hmm, maybe I should get flats more often? After a laugh we snapped into action, pulling the laptop out onto the deck and watching a video on changing a tire. It took us about 20 minutes of teamwork and video watching to get the tube replaced, tires pumped, and a give quick once-over to the bike before we were able to head out.  I wished I had my camera.

Because we haven’t been road riding much lately we picked a route that was about a mile down hill before coming a paved, rolling hill path along one of the washes. Along the route we saw a lot of Arizona lizards, a coyote, and a snake.  Again I was wishing I had my camera.

We even passed our friend Craig along the way and were able to catch up with him on the way back. We didn’t push the pace today, just focused on getting back in the saddle. In total we rode 25 miles in about 90 minutes. The last two miles were the most challenging for me – all uphill. Early in the ride I noticed how different road riding is from cycle classes. I took a cycle class last night and covered more than 20 miles in the hour but today I felt different muscles engage more and felt tightness in my quads around mile 6.  My cycle classes at the gym are helping in some regards though, I never could keep my speed over 7 mph before on the last climb from the trail and today I stayed between 8.2-9 mph the whole climb! 

Off to sucker punch my to-do list some more…

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