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I moved!

Hope to see you at my new location! Advertisements

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8/29/11 Workout Journal

20 minute hills on the treadmill 3 sets of 15-25 reps of: DB Chest Press / Weighted Crunch / DB Fly / Weighted V Ups / DB Pull Over / Skull Crushers / Overhead Tricep Extensions / Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Extension … Continue reading

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Give me that omlette

I slept in yesterday – 7:30! I woke up a handful of times over the morning and declared them all too early since I had nothing planned until 11. Sleeping in was a decision I quickly regretted. I started homework and got into a … Continue reading

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Yoga on Saturday was a much-needed hour of stretching after the 40 mile bike ride. It was a yoga class at the gym so it wasn’t over the top amazing but I felt the teacher was good and it did … Continue reading

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8/28/11 Workout Journal

What do you get when you add having just 45 minutes to workout and the inability to fully extend your arms because they are sore from Friday together? One SWEATY treadmill HIIT workout! Well first I stopped in the weight area … Continue reading

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Mega Beast Style

(Lamesauce photo) Happy Saturday!! Wow, what a day. My alarm went off at 4:45 this morning and my first thought was “what was I thinking getting H to commit to today’s ride?” My second thought was “why does my throat … Continue reading

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8/26/11 Workout Journal

20 minute elliptical warm up, level 13 3 sets of 15-30: Bicep curls with 30 pound bar Hammer curls with 12.5 dumbbells Bicep curls with the pulley 30 pound Tricep dip machine with 80 pound Skull crushers with 30 pound … Continue reading

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