WF’s Revenge

I went into Whole Foods last night for one item.

(Gluten free hot dog buns to celebrate National Hot Dog Day at work today).

And walked out with:

(GF hot dog buns, gf pretzels sticks, an organic peach that smelled soooo good, organic strawberries, new find of almond milk yogurt w/coupon, and new find of vanilla almond snackeroons)

The snackeroons were a complete spurge. Apparently this is what happens when I start my workout 90 minutes after my “normal time,” have no afternoon snack, and dominate my 2.5 mile run.  

Please, please, please tell me I am not the only one this happens to.

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2 Responses to WF’s Revenge

  1. Arianna says:

    Last time I went to Whole Foods I dropped over $60. You are not alone, my friend! That place is like Target. You go in for toothpaste and walk out with a cart load and $100 less in your bank account! haha. Love them both 🙂

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