She is worth the wait

Monday night I had a doctor appointment that was so horrendous that I swear I had to have been on some ridiculous reality tv show where they set people up to see how they will respond.

After deciding it was time for a routine blood draw and probably time to see a doctor for the first time since I moved to Arizona, I requested my medical records from my previous doctor.

Here is where I first messed up – I went to my insurance company’s website and picked a clinic based solely on the fact that it is close to my apartment.  They told me as a new patient I would need to have an appointment no later than 3:30 to ensure enough time with the nurse/doctor. I hated this policy since it meant I would have to leave work at 3, but I agreed.

I arrived 15 minutes early to my appointment, as requested, to file out the new patient paperwork and took a seat in the waiting room.

Then I started to watch the minutes tick by. I flipped through two magazines, I people-watched. Until no more people were around. I played on my phone. I pulled out my laptop and did some homework. I wondered around. An hour passed. I finally decided to ask the receptionist if I or my insurance would be billed if I decided to leave at this point. She told me the nurse was ‘worth the wait.’ I told her I honestly didn’t care if this nurse was the top nurse in the universe. My appointment was an hour ago, I was on time, there is no one left in the clinic, and all I hear is ladies talking about their hair. Would I be seen today or not?

Little did I know the lady standing behind the receptionist was the head doctor of the 3 person clinic. She agreed to see me since the nurse my appointment was with wouldn’t be able to see me prior to 5 pm. I agreed, continued waiting another few minutes to be called back by the assistant and went through the vitals.

Finally inside a room, the doctor proceeded to offend me (by asking if I planned not to have children because I have celiac), cause fear (by telling me she noticed something that isn’t normal), and then left the room while I was asking a question (about the abnormal find and any potential risks).

So my 1 & 15 minute wait resulted in a <5 minute exam room visit with a doctor that couldn’t fake concern or compassion and clearly just wanted me out of her building.

That nurse may have been worth the wait but I certainly won’t be finding out. On to the next doctor.


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6 Responses to She is worth the wait

  1. Yuck! I hate that you had that experience! It’s scary how you really have to be an active advocate to get the professional medical help you need, and that if you’re not you don’t get the treatment you need!

    I hope you find someone much better! (and maybe review them online 😉 !

  2. Arianna says:

    That is a terrible experience! I would never go back to that place again…ugh! Ridiculous, I say.

  3. Wow… I know you told me the story already but reading it was…. just awful. She asked if you if you planned not to have kids!!?? And walked out while you were asking a question? Beyond unprofessional. I am so sorry that you had to go through that ridiculousness 😦

    • Carolyn says:

      You nailed it – beyond unprofessional! I am so happy the second place I went to was a completely different vibe (both from the doctor and the clinic itself) and I have confidence in her.

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