Working the possibilities

You don’t get what you merely wish for. You get what you live for and what you work for.

The life you experience does not depend on what happens to come your way. The life you experience is based on how you choose to live it.

The priorities that matter in your life are not the ones you just talk about. Your true priorities, the ones that determine which way your life proceeds, are the ones you consistently act on.

You have the opportunity right now, today, to bring great quantities of richness and fulfillment into your life. Yet that richness will not come from what you wish for, or what you talk about, or what you plan to do someday.

That richness will come from what you actually do with the time and energy and the resources you have available to you. That richness will come from working the possibilities that are uniquely yours.

Skip right on past the wishing for and talking about and the planning to stage. Get right to work on your best possibilities and experience the unmatched joy of bringing them fully to life.

Ralph Marston 

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