Tri no Du-Athlon

Hi Peaches!

A couple of weeks ago I stopped into Starbucks on my way into the office. While waiting for my coffee, I perused the bulletin board which is covered with pictures of the pets of the regular customers, local news, and upcoming events around town. Those pets were adorable but what really caught my eye was an upcoming event: the 2nd Annual “Tri” for Act of Kindness.

“Tri” for Acts of Kindness is an event organized by the parents of Shyann Rosati, a 7-year-old who died. In her honor a website and non-profit organization was set up. Financial donations to the organization help provide education, encouragement, and support to underprivileged and medically fragile children and guidance and support to their caregivers. This year they added a duathlon option.

Aside from the 5K to support the Tucson shooting victims earlier this year, I haven’t been involved in any sort of organized race since 2005. Running a 10K is on my list of goals in 2011 and I love riding my new bike so I thought the “Tri” for Act of Kindness could be a great way to inject some excitement into my rides and challenge my body through running.

After much debate over signing up for the duathlon or triathlon, I settled on the duathlon. I know the swimming portion would really challenge me since I haven’t been in the pool with the intent of actually swimming across it since I was 12 years old but I decided right now is not the time for me to invest in swimming gear (suit, goggles, cap), locate a pool or join a gym for practicing, and possibly relearn how to swim. I know the duathlon will still provide a challenge to me as I have never ran more than 4 miles. Even though the 10K will be broken up into a 5K on each side of a 12.5 mile bike ride I know the brick style will push and challenge me significantly. 

I have calculated my anticipated finish time and my goal time but I know I will simply be happy when I finish. I want the shiny bling at the finish line! This will be my fifth race but my first time getting a metal at the end.

I am excited to share with you my training plan. I plan to share my training experiences with you and hope you will offer any constructive suggestions regarding my training or words of encouragement you have.

  Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Total Bike Total Run
June 19 (Week 1) 25 mi B 3 mi R Yoga 7 mi B   3 mi R   32 6
June 26 (Week 2) 30 mi B 4 mi R Traveling Traveling Traveling Traveling Traveling 25 4
July 3 (Week 3) Traveling Traveling 3 mi R 7 mi B 7 mi B 3 mi R Traveling 14 6
July 10 (Week 4) Traveling 3 mi R  Yoga 15 mi B 2 mi R Yoga 15 mi B 30 5
July 17 (Week 5) 25 mi B
2 mi R
4 mi R Yoga 7 mi B 2 mi R 7 mi B Traveling 39 8
July 24 (Week 6) Traveling 4 mi R Yoga 12 mi B 3 mi R Yoga 3 mi R
15 mi B 
27 10
July 31 (Week 7) 2 mi R
30 mi B
2 mi R
3 mi R Yoga 4.5 mi R 10 mi B Yoga 25 mi B 65 11.5
Aug 7 (Week 8) 1.5 mi R
15 mi B
3 mi R Yoga 4.5 mi R 15 mi B Yoga 20 mi B
2 mi R
50 10
Aug 14 (Week 9) 25 mi B
2 mi R
4 mi R Yoga 1.5 mi R
6 mi B
1.5 mi R 
Yoga Yoga 14 mi B
4.5 mi R
45 13.5
Aug 21 (Week 10) 14 mi B
1.5 mi R
2 mi R Yoga 7 mi B 7 mi B 3 mi R   28 6.5
Aug 28 (Week 11) 2 mi R
15 mi B 
5 mi R Yoga 3 mi R Yoga 7 mi R 20 mi B
1.5 mi R
35 18.5
Sept 4 (Week 12) 2 mi R
7 mi B
2 mi R
7 mi B
2 mi R 
4 mi R Yoga 15 mi B 4.5 mi R Yoga 1.5 mi R
15 mi B
1.5 mi R
44 17.5
Sept 11 (Week 13) 2 mi R
25 mi B
2 mi R
3 mi R Yoga 1 mi R
10 mi B
10 mi B
1.5 mi R
Yoga Duathlon
57 15.2

Training Schedule Notes:

 *Because I am HORRIBLE with stretching I am aiming to dedicate two days a week to yoga. 

*I also plan to reinstate my daily 50 push plan.

What is your racing style – are you competitive or relaxed?  What is your favorite race type and distance?

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One Response to Tri no Du-Athlon

  1. that’s a great training plan. I’m with you and I would definitely chose a dual over a tri…swimming is not my forte! 🙂

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