Over Top

Hey all!

I hope your week is off to a good start. I am super pumped to have a week off from my classes. I always try to squeeze more than I can accomplish into my school breaks so this week I am setting a realistic list of goals.

 Goal # 1: Clear my closet of those never going to be used again items

Goal # 2: Enjoy two activities with friends. Be it a dinner, happy hour, or fitness class

Goal # 3: Eat a packed lunch each day

Goal # 4: Purchase or borrow a carry-on suitcase

I have to tell you about the amazing breakfast I had today.

The Stars:


Trader Joe’s Creamy Goat Cheese & Wildtree Blueberry Jam

Supporting Cast:

Food For Life Millet Bread

I remember 10 years ago thinking that all gluten-free bread was disgusting. Recently I have been craving bread products and experimenting more with different brands and types of gf breads. I wouldn’t slap a slice of turkey and cheese on this one and be good to go but I find it is pretty darn delicious toasted with cream cheese and jam on top!

 Are there any foods you used to hate and now appreciate?  Along with gf breads, I have grown to like pasta, pizza, avocado, cottage cheese, and brussels sprouts.

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One Response to Over Top

  1. That is my favorite goat cheese from trader joes! Good goals for your break! I hate cleaning my closet, but I love the end result!

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