Think about it Wednesday – Are you?

Are you killing time, or are you bringing it to life? What you do with this moment matters much, because this moment is the most valuable thing you now have to work with.

Are you being a burden, or are you being useful? There’s something valuable and unique that you can contribute, and your outlook will brighten as soon as you do.

Are you making excuses, or are you exploring the opportunities? With a positive, focused and purposeful approach, you can transform the challenges into meaningful rewards.

If what you’re getting from life is not living up to your expectations, ask yourself this. What can you make more positive and meaningful about what you’re putting into your life?

Each moment you live is your chance to have a real and powerful influence on the way your life unfolds.

Every decision, every priority, every thought and action makes a difference. Are you living your life at the highest and most fulfilling level you can imagine? Go ahead, imagine, and do what it takes to make it so.

Ralph Marston

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