Make it happen

 If you’re weary, it may not be from what you’re doing. Your weariness could be caused by what you continue to put off doing.

Having an uncompleted task hanging over you, day after day, week after week, wears on you constantly. To free yourself from that burden, go ahead and get it finished.

Instead of putting your energy into worry and avoidance and procrastination, put your energy into getting the job done. The way to have more energy is to make productive use of the energy you have.

This day will soon come to an end, no matter what you do. You have the choice of feeling satisfied with all you’ve accomplished, or disappointed that another day has passed without anything to show for it.

Choose to make good and valuable use of the time you now have. Decide to free yourself from the burden of what needs to be done by actually getting it done.

Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel, and imagine the new options you’ll have. Now get busy and enjoy making it happen.

Ralph Marston

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One Response to Make it happen

  1. Oh my gosh… this is well-timed. Thanks, Carolyn!!

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