I fell in love this morning, in love with the following quote from Ralph Marston. I was immediately drawn in because of its title: Blueprints. My current job has me working on a construction job site and part of my duties include updating blueprints, I quickly connected to the title and envisioned where this quote was going before I started to read. This quote spoke to me because just like a building needs to have a good set of blueprints and a well thought out plan for design and flow in order to meet the goal and produce the best workmanship, the thoughts in our mind need to help us reach our ultimate goal and be uplifting and supportive. A new friend of my mine teases me because every time I catch him making a negative comment about himself, I make him say two positive comments based on that negative. I sort of feel as though he thinks it is a joke to me, but I hope that one day he will see the benefit of raising ourselves up first by our own thoughts.


 Your thoughts are the blueprints from which your days are constructed. Each action you take is informed and directed by the thoughts you think.

 If your thoughts are disjointed and unfocused, the results you get will be meager and mostly meaningless. If your thoughts are filled with negativity and worry, your life will faithfully express your greatest fears.

 Fortunately, you can do much, much better, and it’s really not so difficult at all. You can choose, right now and as often as you wish, to fill your mind with positive, empowering thoughts.

 All it takes is the will to do so. It is so easy to choose your thoughts, it seems almost trivial, and yet the results are anything but trivial.

 When the blueprints are well designed, the building will be a strong, beautiful, functional structure. When your thoughts are consistently well-chosen, your life will be consistently rich and fulfilling.

 You can choose any thought, any time you wish. Remind yourself often to stick with those thoughts that continue to build your life into one that’s truly great.

 Ralph Marston



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