Gluten Free Food Faire – Tucson Style

Happy Tuesday!

A couple of weeks back I was disappointed when I realized the Phoenix Gluten Free Expo was the day prior. Then I discovered Tucson had its own expo, just a few weeks away.

I quickly checked my calendar and made sure it would work for me before inviting a couple of friends who are dining low gluten these days to come along.  Sadly my friend was going to be out-of-town the weekend it was held but her husband was excited to check out the GF scene and enjoy some samples while hopefully learning some new information.

In my opinion, the expo would not have been very valuable for someone looking to get information on how to adjust to their new-found food choices. It was free, and I did get to try many items that were new to me so I considered it okay.

What gets to me though, is that people are so stuck on convenience and packaged foods that they forget about all the wonderful naturally gluten-free foods. Rather than teaching people how to cook with different ingredients and spices, corporate food companies are just mass producing items full of sugar and sodium. True, these items have their place (like a GF cake for a birthday celebration), I don’t think a meal plan should be primarily based on these items. They may be gluten-free but that doesn’t make them healthier.

Next year, please come stop by my table where I will be debuting and explaining the wonders of gluten-free vegetables and fruits!!


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One Response to Gluten Free Food Faire – Tucson Style

  1. Arianna says:

    You are so right! It is much better to stay away from too many processed foods. I am super pumped that you will be having a table there next year! Rock on, Carolyn!!

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