Pretty toes

Hi all!

What’s a girl to do when she finishes her final exam, is about to drop a boat load of money into a vehicle repair, and her plans for the afternoon are cancelled?

Head to the salon of course!

I wasn’t sure if I was celebrating a break from classes or mourning the reduction in funds. Either way, this girl needed a pedicure and a fun new color.

I’ve never been a bright polish color girl but the last two times I decided to step outside my normal deep purple color and give something new a try.

Ladies – what is your polish shade of choice for this summer? Do you stick with old reliable or switch it up each time? Or are you a natural beauty?

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One Response to Pretty toes

  1. Callie says:

    First, thanks for the birthday wish on Facebook!!!
    Second, you kicked that 50 mile bike ride’s A** 🙂
    Third, I LOVE that color and typically do a pink color as well OR french

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