50 mile recap

Hey lovelies!

I think I mentioned when I purchased my bike that I had a goal to ride 50 miles in one ride. I set up a training plan with one long ride each weekend and a goal to get on my bike at least 2 other days a week.

The original plan looked like this:

  • March 28 (weekend I purchased my road bike) – long ride – 13 miles
  • April 2 – long ride – 18 miles
  • April 9 – long ride – 25 miles
  • April 16 – long ride – 31 miles
  • April 23 – long ride – 38 miles
  • April 30 – long ride – 46 miles
  • May 7 – long ride – 50 miles

As with any plan, flexibility is important. I am proud to report that I was able to ninja kick two weeks off of my original plan by completing the following rides:

  • March 28 – long ride – 13 miles
  • April 3 – long ride – 25 miles
  • April 11 – long ride – 24 miles
  • April 17 – long ride – 34 miles
  • April 23 – long ride – 50 miles – GOAL!!!

I am definitely not the speediest rider out there, but hey as an adult I have only been riding consistently for just over a month. I know increased speed will come with proper training (speed intervals, hill climbs).

On to the 50 mile ride itself. It was INTENSE! The weather was amazing that morning and did so much to help our cause. H and I set out on our ride around 7 am without a time goal – in my mind I was hoping our time would be around 4 hours with stop lights and breaks. We were riding under the agreement that it wasn’t so much for time but to complete our distance goal.

During the first ten miles my legs were so tight and made me question if I would complete the ride. My legs stayed pretty tight most of the ride but after a while I started focusing on other things, like trying to catch up to H and the scenery, that I didn’t really notice the tightness. I easily spent 10 minutes repeating in my mind the phrase “You are a beast!” while trying to catch up to H and I screamed it at her once I did.

Once we arrived at our half way spot we enjoyed some water and jelly beans, and snapped a few photos before heading back out.

The ride back was very calm and we picked up our pace significantly. We both zoned out and just rode, enjoying the cool breeze and wondering how we lived somewhere this awesome. And then yelling when a group of cars would pass us and throw off our relaxed ride state. Around mile 35 I started to think about food and wished I had tossed a piece of rice bread with peanut butter into my pocket. Nothing I could do about it though, 15 more miles to ride and at least 7 until we could stop at a gas station.

At the gas station we filled up water bottles, popped a few more jelly beans, and sent messages to anxious friends that we were so close. It was at this point I tried to convince H to just ride another 12 miles. She was NOT having that and told me I was going bonkers! 8 miles later I was back at my apartment ready to dive head first into a smoothie.

A quick change of clothes and off I went to a party at Megan’s. It was there I proceeded to eat all of their food – sorry! 🙂

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