Mission Critical!

You are the critical link between what is possible and what is real. With your actions, you can bring to life the best of what can be.

Life is awash with great and wonderful possibilities. Yet possibilities alone are not enough.

Someone has to follow those great possibilities, and work at them, and breathe meaningful life into them. In your world, that someone is you.

Celebrate your good fortune of being connected to life’s best possibilities. And even as you celebrate, get to work doing what must be done to make those possibilities happen.

The possibilities are so valuable precisely because of what you can do with them. So by all means, do with them what you know you can do.

For it is in choosing your own unique possibilities and making them real, that you experience true fulfillment. Get up, get going, and enjoy that fulfillment in great abundance.

Ralph Marston

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3 Responses to Mission Critical!

  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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