Saturday Garrett, Megan, and I had plans for a day trip to Phoenix. The original plan included a trip to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival. We decided to stop for lunch with a couple of friends prior to heading over the festival so we wouldn’t go too crazy (or broke).

Located behind the Scottsdale Fashion Square Shopping Center was a gem of a restaurant situated on the ground level of a condo complex. This gem is Nourish.


Nourish’s menu is an amazing blend showcasing that healthy and good for the body does not equal boring or bland.

I almost cried when I looked at the menu because I was overwhelmed with options. The owner is Celiac, like me, and takes every precaution to ensure the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated. Along with identifying every item on the menu as gluten-free, there was a separate color coding to easily identify lactose, corn, egg, nut or soy free, along with one for vegetarian and vegan. I loved that for those with multiple dietary concerns it was simple to know what was okay and that the menu included many items a person following SAD (Standard American Diet) would happily eat. After 11 years of waiting for the world to catch on to the gluten-free lifestyle I was floored that I could go somewhere with zero fear of getting sick and not feel like a freak at the table or modify the bejesus out of my order. Seriously, no better feeling!

Our table started with a couple orders of sweet potato fries. These were easily the best fries I have ever eaten, the apricot chipotle dipping sauce took them over the top. I was planning for a day of eating so I chose the sweet potato hash as my entrée figuring it would be the right portion size to cut the hunger but not leave me so full I couldn’t enjoy tastings at the festival. The flavors blended together perfectly and the price was right.

I wish I would have photographed everyone’s plates as everything looked amazing. Around the table we had two bowls of three bean chili, a Tuscan chicken sandwich, a quiche, and a second sandwich. I happily would have cleaned plates if someone couldn’t finish! 🙂

I plan to work my way through their menu by planning multiple trips to Phoenix. Or maybe I will just park myself at a table for a weekend and not stop eating until I am through the menu.

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