Cool start, warm ending

Today started with a 4:40 am wake up call as it was the official kick off to week 2 of my month of boot camp. An early start coupled with cool weather made it challenging to get out of bed but I knew it would be good for me.

Today’s work out:

Warm up – 800 meter run

The real deal – 1 minute mountain climbers

20 squats with overhead press

1 minute mountain climber like move but with both legs going straight in and back

20 push ups

1 minute legs jumping forward to either side of your body

20 sit ups

1 minute both legs together jumping forward and to one side of the body

X 3

Cool down – 1 minute bicycle crunches

40 seconds side plank with hip raises (20 second per side)

X 2

After boot camp I stopped over at a friend’s house and introduced her to the world of Green Monsters. Today’s smoothie included Sun Warrior protein power, mixed berries, coconut milk, sunflower seed butter, and spinach. It was amazaballz. Pumped at how tasty this combo turned out and my friend seemed to enjoy it. This one wasn’t too scary of a way to ease into the Green Monster.

Work was rather uneventful for me today, trapped at my desk most of the day but did break for a tasty left over vegan b-nut squash, spinach, pinto bean enchilada with a side of black beans and strawberry Chobani. Yummy!

Just finished up a 23 mile ride. I was hoping to hit the 30 mile mark tonight but the sun was setting too quickly.

Time for a warm shower, dinner, and homework! Hope your Monday rocked.

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