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While bowling last week with the coworkers we decided I would enter a nickname into the computer for everyone. I mentioned that the guys at work decided I should be called “Pole Dancer.” Instead I opted to use the alias “Vodka Chick.” I named the boss man “Chobani” because he has lately fallen in love with Pineapple Chobani (swoon), I named a project manager “Lobster” because he is always scoring free (& expensive) lunches from people and will never pass up a lobster on the menu. Sadly, this is where my creativity ended for the night. The rest of the names were: Baller _aller, Capinator, Nelly-Nell, Hickman (should have gone with The Egg Man as Hickman eggs are common in AZ and family of his), and Jake (should have been Roburger as he likes burgers but he is new to the team so I hadn’t given him a name yet).  

What funny nicknames do you have? Do you call your coworkers any pet names? Common names I call my coworkers include: Sunshine, Muffin, G$, Crank Face, GNelly, and I’ve been known to refer to contractors as My Favorite whatever it is they do or name of company guy.

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