Super Fun Thursday Fun

Hey all,

After work on Thursday evenings I can usually count on an outing with a couple of the guys from work. We usually hit up a nearby bar or restaurant but occasionally we do something a little more active.

This week we decided to go bowling!

Fact: When we went bowling a few months ago I was pegged as the underdog and ended up walking out with the high score of the night. This time, not so lucky. I bowled two games and both were horrendous! Where boss-man, aka Chobani, was proud to break 50 in one game, I shed many internal tears over not getting a strike or spare in every frame. But hey at least I had fun with the guys.


Really though, how can you not have fun while being the only lady out on the town with 7-10 guys each week? The guys really are a fun group to be around, but some days I feel like I have gained 5 overprotective dads and 5 overprotective big brothers. Dads who decide my bowling name should be “Pole Dancer.” Don’t worry, there was no dancing or swinging around poles. They choose to mock me because as they all order beers I am the one ordering a vodka drink. But hey, I can’t help beer contains gluten.

The music at the bowling alley was hysterical in that they played 80’s ballads pretty much the whole time. A couple of the guys joked that with the jams and lack of people it might be a great work space away from the trailers. I’d love to see them roll in their with a plan table and start redlining an architectural set while Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” booms over the system.

I think the highlight for me was a 5-year-old named Jasmine that approached me at the end and started asking me about my children. She had a difficult time accepting that I have no children but once she did she suggested I name all of my kids Jasmine. Of course I had to ask her what if one was a boy, would I call  him Aladdin? She looked at me like I was nutz and told me to call him Damien. Yes, clearly, I was nutz for not knowing that! 🙂

After bowling, we went to Hub, a newish restaurant in downtown, for drinks and a bite. By this point I was getting tired and was amused by just about everything. At one point I almost fell off my chair because I was laughing so hard I was shaking and crying. All while being tickled in the ear by a plant. I kept trying to shift my chair away from the plant but had to stop when I realized one more move and I’d be sitting on a coworker. Being that I was reading about the companies harassment policy just prior I figured it was best I not take that move. FYI-licking your coworkers is also a no-no. I haven’t been through the latest training version so I am hoping I can still lick contractors! Kidding…or am I?

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