24.72 mile Sunday

Now that I have a road bike I can attempt to keep up with my friend H. We have a grand plan to take a 50 mile ride in early May and Sunday was our first “training” ride. I drafted up a mileage plan for us and had 18 miles on schedule for the day but had it stuck in my mind we were to ride 20-25.

For our route click here. It shows up as 23 miles but there was additional mileage to make up the difference untracked from the website for things like getting out of the apartment complex and pull offs for water breaks. My bike has a computer that tracks my mileage, speed, and time that has proved to be both reliable and entertaining. 

We were on the road around 8:30 and headed north. The first half of the ride wasn’t too exciting, the sun was out and nice but not too intense. H and I were able to catch up on the week and I felt pretty good about the ride. The second hour was a smidge more intense because the sun intensity definitely heightened and the wind speed increased. I kept reminding myself that the wind was nice as it counteracted the sun’s rays and kept me feeling okay. Both directions had a couple climbs – so picture me giving myself a pep talk – but nothing too major.

I can’t wait to head that way again and increase my distance on that route. Wish me luck on my 31 mile solo ride this weekend!

Question: Increase endurance through longer rides first or increase speed through interval training first? Any tips for a newbie rider?

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