Feel your strength

Remind yourself how strong you can be. And then put that strength to good and meaningful use.

When you;re tempted to think that circumstances have made you their victim, stop and reframe that thought. See the reality that those circumstances have given you immense opportunity.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, feel thankful for the purposeful strength that is yours. Instead of running or hiding from the difficult challenges, let those challenges bring your strength to life.

Feel your strength in action as you confidently step forward and do what must be done. Feel the effectiveness of your strength as your efforts bring results.

Feel your strength as it becomes more present and apparent with each action you take. Feel that strength grow even stronger as you infuse it with positive purpose.

See each effort not just as an effort, but as a reminder of what a difference you can make. Feel your strength and feel the joy of using it to move life forward.

-Ralph Marston

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