Mexican Food Week

I have been craving Mexican food all week. It all started when I found a recipe for Cuban black beans and barbeque chicken enchiladas and decided I needed to find someone to cook for stat! Well I wasn’t sure that was going to happen all that easily, anyone want to come eat dinner with me on the floor?

On Tuesday something made me seriously want a margarita, so I headed to a nearby restaurant. I had my doubts as soon as I walked in the door but the craving needed to be quenched so I stayed in hopes of a tasty margarita.

That margarita looked better than it tasted. Sadly, that didn’t stop me. I stayed and ordered another one (or three) and some food.

Seriously bad idea. a: did I really need to be alone at a restaurant drinking multiple margaritas? No. b: did I really need that plate of chips smothered in cheese and guac? Not so much. c: should I just have left when my gut told me it wasn’t going to be what I wanted anyways? YES! d: was there something going on besides a craving? Probably.

So what did I learn from this? a: ask a friend to join you if you want a margarita because if there is more going on than just wanting a cool drink on a sunny day you’ll be able to talk about it. b: paying for food and drinks that weren’t even tasty is lame. c: trust my gut, d: don’t just go for the first thing, hold out for the goods.

Flash forward to the next night: ANOTHER MEXICAN RESTAURANT!!

Now this place put off that happy I know you are the one vibe as soon as we walked in the door. It came highly recommended and received great reviews online. Not only is there a live mariachi band every day but the salsa is made fresh to your taste at the table! I was sucked into the energy of the restaurant and enjoying the company and none of my photos turn out. Let me just say though that my fish tacos were AMAZING and the staff was so friendly and concerned with our satisfaction. I can’t wait to go back because the menu was so baller I had a difficult time deciding what to eat.

So who wants to join me for some of the best salsa ever?

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2 Responses to Mexican Food Week

  1. Raya says:

    Ok I am cracking up because I ABSOLUTELY went out (to Z Tejas-if they have one in Tucson, definitely check it out!!) on “National Margarita Day” by myself (I couldn’t convince anyone to join me) and had myself a margarita (theirs are STRONG) and some tacos. I may or may not have gone into the grocery store to walk around for a bit before making sure I was good to drive home. It was FUN though!!!

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