Your own special greatness

Your life has a purpose, something uniquely suited to who you are. The more closely you align your day-to-day priorities with that purpose, the more fulfillment you’ll know.

When the priorities you’ve chosen stray away from your purpose, then life becomes filled with frustration. When you put your time and effort into things that don’t really matter, it brings on a painful, gnawing emptiness.

If something is truly important to  the core of your being, than there is most certainly a way to make it happen. When you make the effort and spend the time on what really matters, the rewards will be great indeed.

It will never be easy to follow your purpose. For by its very definition, your highest purpose demands the best that you have to offer. Yet following that purpose will fulfill you in a way that nothing else can. To every extent possible, align your priorities to who you truly are. let your own special greatness light up this world.

-Ralph Marston

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