I climb big hills

Hey all!

Another weekend coming to an end  😦 Cue sadness.

The guys at work seem to believe I have a new obsession. They have even resorted to calling me such names as ‘Sport Spice’ and ‘Olympiad’ when they see me leaving work. You see, I’ve been climbing a beast of hill more frequently. The beast’s name is Tumamoc and it sits about a mile from my work in downtown. It packs a vicious steep climb into 1.5 miles up on a paved road but can be completed within about an hour for most people at a walking pace. All of these factors make it a winning cardio workout for me after work. Last week I climbed it on three occasions. Perhaps there is an obsession developing…

I have only climbed it twice by myself and I love the support when Hollee and I climb it together. It definitely helps to have another encouraging body on the last couple of hills when you just want to punch yourself for starting. I’ve turned into a little workhorse and power through the last couple of hills just determined to get to the ending rock so I can breathe again. The first time I climbed it, I took a couple quick breaks and completed in about 32 minutes. These days I just power through to the end without a break and can knock it out in about 24 minutes.

The hike rewards you with some beautiful 360* views of Tucson and then a fun stroll back down.

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