Is that a grill in the parade?

Happy Tuesday all!

Hope the week is starting lovely for everyone. I have a feeling this week will be following suit of the previous couple-starts slow and then spirals out of control with adventures, activities, and general life things to accomplish.

I am hoping for a massage this week(end) as my body is pretty sore and beat from the rock climbing adventure and my neck and head are tense from the recent night guard breaking. Counting the days until my replacement guard will be in my mouth!

As I mentioned in my previous post, we came down the mountain earlier than we would have liked because we had an event to attend. Our office had the pleasure of being involved in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival of Tucson.

We had no idea how the giant paper mache ladies or the Star Wars clan fit into the theme. Any Tucson locals with the back story as these were not their first appearance?

After a delayed and slow start the parade was under way and we were able to have a good time jumping on and off our “float” mobile BBQ trailer handing candy to the kids.

Once out of candy, Garrett decided to have some fun with air horn and let the kids press the horn and then he’d sprint and stagger away from them.

The parade ended at a park just up the road from our project site so it was awesome to get some shots of the building with the gorgeous sun set and we were able to walk across the street to check out the festival.

Along with a ROCKIN’ Irish band, there were vendors and food stations set up throughout the park. We stuck around for about an hour checking the scene out and getting our company name out. We wrapped the night up with a ‘too nerdy for viewing’ photo shoot in the trailer. No, really, it involved construction hand signals being tossed up, Lady Gaga rawr claws, giant smiles, and serious business faces.

Have a sensational day!!

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