Bruised but happy

Hey all! Hope you all had lovely weekends. I had another zero plan weekend that turned into non-stop action.

I needed a new pair of sunglasses so I stopped at TJ Maxx on my way home from work thinking I could get a relatively decent pair for a good price. I ended up with a major score – a $130 pair of Ray Bans on sale for less than $30. Pretty cute, right?

I woke up early on Saturday for an adventure with my coworkers, Garrett and Nick. I fueled up with my favorite Saturday breakfast. Protein pancakes and a banana-perfect fuel for a day of fun and exploration.

I packed up my gear (Camelback 100 oz backpack filled with necessities such as: sunscreen,  trail mix, larabar, packages of sport beans, pb & banana gluten-free bagel, and my boots) and jumped in my car to meet up with the guys.

After a quick trip to the motherland, we were on the road to Mt. Lemmon!

Once we arrived approximately 8,200 feet above sea-level/19 miles from the base of the mountain we set off on a quick 20 minute hike to our destination for the day.

Rock climbing was on the agenda for the day! Nick is an experienced climber and was awesome to see him in action.


After Nick,went Garrett. Side note: how gorgeous is that sky?

And then it was my turn!!

The guys climbed up 3-5 different routes within the region of rocks and I tried my luck at 2 climbs. It was my first time ever rock climbing (besides the 1 time indoor at REI) so I was definitely proud of my attempts and earned every bruise and cut.

We were out on the mountain from 10 am until 3 pm and the time flew by. The weather was fantastic and I just loved spending time outdoors and enjoying the nature, the sunshine, and the company. We all wished we could have stayed up on the mountain a few more hours but we had an event involving leprechaun’s in town to get back for.

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