Climbing Leprechauns

I haven’t been this excited to wake up at my normal week-day time on a Saturday in a long time. The day is going to be jam packed with fun outdoor adventures with a couple of guys from work.

To start the day, a trip to Mount Lemmon, a mountain range in the Coronado National Forest in north Tucson. The top of the mountain is 9,157 feet above  sea-level. The one road that runs up/down the mountain is called the Catalina Hightway. This road has awesome curves and views and you can feel the temperature change as you round every few curves. It is a favorite of many regional and professional bikers as a training ride because of the challenge it provides. Tucson residents love to escape the hot summer days in the valley by driving up the 30 mile road to enjoy the cooler weater and change of scenerary from cactus and dry desert to lush evergreens and flowing water spots.

Check back later this weekend for a recap of what we did all day and how the leprechauns play into the day!

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