Birthday Weekend – 2nd Edition

Time for that promised birthday afternoon/evening recap.

Let’s see where I left off was when my friend decided her brother and I needed to leave her in silence for a few hours. After establishing the time frame, Mr. Broski and I took off in his super seksi car. 

Our destination? The Phoenix Gun Show! We spent a couple hours walking around the various vendor tables and doging the rain, but mainly we were looking for this beauty aka needle in the haystack:

If a gun ever had to be pulled in self-defense do you think this might stop the attacker for a minute while they bend over in laughter?

After exploring for awhile it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I was starting to want to eat my finger so I knew it was a good idea.

We started our evening of celebration by heading across the street from the hotel to a Mexican chain restaurant and having a couple rounds of margaritas and cervezas. Once I was positive I was going to eat my finger or be misrible the next morning I begged for the group to decide where dinner was going to be. I blurted out my random desire for salmon which helped. With salmon to hunt, we quickly paid our tab and purchased passes for the Phoenix Light Rail. It took a few minutes of roaming around the Arizona Center area before we found My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. A clear winner for everyone after a quick review of their menu.

We started with a hummus trio platter which came with pita and an order of cucumbers for me.

Of course my friend tossed in a few jabs over the weekend in hopes of getting me to move back to Minnesota.

Cute, but not sure that is enough.

Of course I had my SALMON!!

That meal was so incrediable! The hummus trio was amazing, especially the “spicy” hummus. The salmon was some of the best I have had ever so I ate it all, along with all of the veggies and most of the rice. There may have been a few sangrias also.

Of course there was some dessert also, I heard it was good but it didn’t look GF to me and I dubbed it not worth it on a birthday night.

Sunday was INSANITY! A quick breakfast at the hotel, last minute flight change due to bad weather up north, getting sucked into the airport vortex (all before 11 am), followed by church with Mr. Broski and a nap at his place.

All in all, my birthday weekend trip was so wonderful. I have been blessed with many wonderful friends both here in AZ and back in MN and many awesome opportunities.

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