Hey all,

I am so excited to share what I have been  up to the past few days while enjoying my birthday weekend! My celebration started on Thursday with dinner and drinks at a new restaurant in Tucson, followed by cupcakes and champagne at the home of two of my friends.

A friend from Minnesota flew in Friday evening. Her flight was delayed and I was ready to chew off a finger when we met up with her brother at Gallaghers so I picked the first items I saw that were safe and ended up with a dinner of a baked potato, steamed veggies, and a drink (okay, 2).

Saturday was mega fun. We slept in until 9 (my friend has two young children so huge treat for her) and headed out to breakfast at First Watch in downtown Phoenix. The place was adorable. 

Massive consumption of coffee was necessary while washing down this giant avocado omelette.

Clearly my breakfast sucked…

After breakfast, we drove around and attempted to get me excited about highways again. I’ve grown used to dealing with only one highway in my city so learning the highway system again is proving difficult. 

We ended up in Scottsdale at this place:

Hello pretty!

I ordered two of the gluten-free cupcakes. I was impressed with the level of care Sprinkles put into ensuring my cupcakes remained gluten-free. Not only do they keep them in back but then they make sure to box them separately.

How cute are the little G’s?! Not too cute to not be eaten though! 🙂

After more driving around, nail salon hunting, and just enjoying some time together, we were ready for lunch with her brother. I wish I would have stood next to this adorable puppy we ran into on the way to the lunch spot because he had to have been bigger in every way than me.  

After being distracted by that fella we found ourself inside a bakery where I munched on a lovely salad.

This beauty was just the right size for lunch and contained mixed greens, purple onions, fuji apples, chicken, feta, and pecans – YUMMY!!

After lunchtime my friend decided she really wanted to spend some time enjoying silence and sent her brother and I away. Back later with a recap of that adventure and our evening fun.

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1 Response to BIRTHDAY WEEKEND – part 1

  1. Theresa says:

    OMG, the cupcakes look really good – almost as good as the ones a certain amateur Tucson baker made for you. The weekend sounds like it was a blast!

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