Sunday Fun Day

Hi friends!

Sunday mornings I usually have a tough time getting out of bed unless I have early morning plans regardless of how much I have to accomplish that day. Yesterday I had plans at 11 for brunch with Theresa and wanted to prep some homework before but I questioned how perky I would be in the morning after staying up past midnight. Luckily, I jumped right out bed (okay, fine, first I responded to a few emails and checked the latest news on Twitter and Facebook) and got ready for the day. Because I am often less productive on my home computer I decided to head to Starbucks to use their internet, sip coffee, and prep my spreadsheets. I managed to knock out quite a bit of work before receiving the text that Theresa was on the way which was awesome.

The weather was simply amazing in Tucson. We were able to sit outside on the patio and I managed to get an impressive tan line on one arm. It was 60* when I arrived to brunch and 82* when I left – gorgeous!

We went to an organic french bakery located between our homes that is known for excellent food and horrible service. And that it was. Our food looked and tasted amazing but the staff really could use a hand on getting themselves organized. I kind of wanted to offer assistance and it sparked a few ideas in my mind. For my meal I went with the Shrimp Avocado Salad which contained mixed greens, shrimp, avocado, and lemon, iced coffee, and a piece of flourless chocolate cake. I forgot to take a picture but it looked like this – sans cheese and bread:

I had a great time basking in the sun, enjoying good food, and talking to Theresa. In our 2 & 1/2 hour brunch – hmm, theme of the weekend? 🙂 – there was zero silent time and it was awesome to learn more about her life. We took a quick trip to Whole Foods and she taught me about the world of kale. In honor of my Try At Least One New Food A Month plan this year, I decided to buy some for myself.

After brunch it was back to the homework. Once I was ready for a break, I met Hollee for a walk along River Road. It was a good break and worked up my appetite for dinner.

I worked the kale in by making kale chips and went with beet burgers (beet, cannellini, and carrot base) for my entrée. OMG! What rock have I been living under that I haven’t tried either of these before? I recognized the kale chip appeal on first bite and the burgers were bomb. I snapped a photo but my computer is busy eating it now. Maybe you will get to see the leftovers.

What new or exotic food have you tried lately?

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