Explorer or Lost?

Hey all!

I started my weekend with a great protein-rich breakfast to fuel me adequately for a jam-packed Saturday.


Protein pancakes, banana slices, and java in my favorite mug.

That is where the good planning and good eating went out the door for the day. I had afternoon plans for a hike with my friend H. We decided to try a new to us trail that looked to be a good neighborhood hike about 10 miles north of our homes. After a little difficulty locating the trail head and figuring out which direction to go, we set off on what I read was a 1 mile out and back hike.

We went down into the wash and then up into a rocky area and then decided the very poorly marked trail must be down in the wash. So back into the sand we went. Our 2 mile hike turned out to be a 2 1/2 hour adventure with a 40 minute stretch that we so no other people and started to wonder where exactly we were. The path we were on was pretty low so we couldn’t see a road or landmarks but we kept on walking because we knew we were heading in the right direction.

We had our trusty nose to the trail, cracked jokes, and even stopped for a quick photo session.


Based on the time we spent walking I would say our 2 mile hike turned into a 6-8 mile hike. I was glad I packed enough water and some jelly beans but I was starting to get pretty hungry towards the end. I like to refer to the hikes that don’t go as planned as “Choose your adventure” hiking. I find it helps me stay calm while trying to navigate out.

Once I was home and cleaned up I dug into a granola bar and set off to the mall. Semi-succesful trip: picked up a new outfit for the birthday but also a few items that need to go back. Finally in for the day around 9:30 pm, I realized I was starving and had eaten really poorly so I dug into a yogurt mess.


TJ’s yogurt, fresh strawberries, and Love Crunch cereal. About half way through before snapping a photo.

I ended up staying up until midnight working on homework and poking around the internet before deciding I needed to get to bed if I was going to be worth anything Sunday morning. I had fun plans waiting for me so I knew I wanted to be rested and ready for the day.

Did you do any exploring this weekend?

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