Hippy Tippy Yoga

My girl M had Groupon passes for a yoga studio close to my job site so Wednesday night we decided to check it out.

Apparently I should have picked up on the hippy tippy granolaness of this area because walking up to it this was the neighbor – a Thai massage place and a coin-operated laundromat. Both of which looked a little sketchy. 

I am all for trying new things and ultimately I am glad I checked this place out but I learned this is no the yoga studio for me. We walked inside and the studio was just one big dark and drab open room. I waited in line to sign in and once I presented the Groupon I was questioned as to when it was purchased because the man at the desk didn’t think they had a deal lately and I was about the 6th person in a row with the Groupon. 

Once the instructor got to the front of the class she proceeded to tell us we were going to take it super SLOOOOW even though it is a mixed level class but because it is windy out people are very un-centered and many are acting strange (hmm, at least she nailed that on the head!) So into some chanting. I debated how I could leave the class without being obvious but then I worried it would ruin M’s practice because she would either wonder what happened to me for the next hour or she would end up leaving also. Once we started to get into some poses it wasn’t too bad, we did a warrior series and a dragon series which were slightly different from what I was used to. A few times I wished I had my camera by to me snap a photo of everyone moving at the same time. Our last pose was an inversion – shoulder stand – when it was time to move our mats against the wall I was left with the spot right next to the door on the freezing wood with worry that someone was going to walk in and step on me. Talk about relaxing-NOT!

Then it went weird again. As we laid in savasana pose she started singing. Singing very loud a song I didn’t recognize about how lovely and strong we were. At least I think that is what she said it was song like an opera and I wasn’t sure it was in english the whole time but it didn’t sound like any other language either.

Because I was still feeling a little unsettled about how my week was going M suggested we grab dinner at Choice Greens. I felt so much better after talking to her and enjoying some much-needed girl time. Some days being surrounded by 200 men gets to be a little much. I adore them but some days I just need a little less testosterone. 

A friend from Minnesota called me and said I should be expecting this cutie at my door any day now. She is lucky she is so cute because she is a handful!

I’ve got a jam-packed weekend and found out some exciting news last night. Back with details later!

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One Response to Hippy Tippy Yoga

  1. Raya says:

    HAHA Oh my goodness that yoga studio sounds hysterical.

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