Tuesday be gone

You can probably gather from the post title that I am OVER this day.

I need to vocalize this before I can move on and restore the peace to my mental state. Back story – Tuesday mornings are usually pretty hectic around the job site because all of the guys I work directly with have a bunch of meetings scheduled and part of my role is to prepare and distribute handouts along with sitting in on meetings to take notes. After a few months, my system was perfected and I didn’t find myself worrying if I would get everything to the right people in the right order and on time anymore or that these days would be different from the rest. 
Enter first meeting of today – our crew requested that everyone attending (subcontractors) send me some important information (some may have already provided this information). None of those guys spoke up with questions, complaints, or concern that it was a duplication. So we went about the meeting as though everything was super and they were on board. After the meeting I sent out a reminder and provided a due date to ensure the needed information was quickly submitted. Within minutes, email after email came in with questions, complaints, and general rudeness. I stepped away from the emails thinking maybe I was misinterpreting the emails. After taking a cool-down break I went back to them to re-read them. I still felt like they were giving me unnecessary attitude. Attitude that I don’t see them have with the guys.

I usually let the guys get away with vulgar language and other “male behaviors” because I recognize I am the minority in this male-dominated field/site and many of them do not know how to relate to me because of that fact. I feel like I am the intruder and I have never asked for special favors but I have asked them to tone it down when they jumped over the line. I came into this position expecting harassment and to overhear disgusting things daily but I didn’t prepare for feeling as though I am less than any of them. Today hurt, I hope it wasn’t the case, but I felt like they were being disrespectful to me believing that it is okay and that there would be no repercussion. I think I would equally upset if they told me I was a Bi&ch. 

Now I am torn if I want to approach these individuals, chalk it up to a bad day (for all) and move on, or ask my superiors to step in by speaking with these individuals to remind them that when I ask for something I deserve the same level of respect they give men on the site.

Do any of you work in a male-dominated industry and find yourself wondering if you are just being hyper-sensitive some days? What would you do if you were in my construction boots?

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