It’s the weekend baby!

Hey – Happy weekend!!

Is anyone else as excited as I am? My week was a strange combination of feeling like it was moving really slow but then Friday just popped out of nowhere. Maybe it was the lack of restorative sleep. Between getting sucked into a movie at 10 pm three times this week and adjusting to my new mouth guard for my uncontrollable jaw clenching my mornings have been a little rough. Needless to say, morning work outs, well there was only one this week.

Went to an AWESOME restaurant for lunch today with a coworker and a friend (who happens to be married to said coworker). Cafe Poca Cosa is legit! Hands top, top meal in Tucson. I did get beet at lunch though. Yes, I mean beet. As I was packing up my food I splashed beet juice on my shirt. I considered sharing a picture but that might take this blog to a PG13 rating.

I started my weekend with another rockin’ Dance Trance class. Tomorrow’s plans include a Booty Barre Class at Lululemon, a dance party at home (aka cleaning the apartment with the music blaring), and hopefully some outdoor time. I really want to hike this weekend but discovered back-to-back hikes leave my legs achy when it is time for my Monday evenign run with coworkers. Since I only have two weeks until my first 10K I figure I should go easty on the hiking these next two weekends to ensure I safely cross the finish line.

Have a great weekend!

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