To move or not to move? That is the question.

Deciding to move is something that may be an easy, no brainer for some if the opportunity was presented and for others it may be a big inner battle.

Most people will consider the following when making the decision:

Relationships – would your family and friends be supportive of the move? Just because you are very independent, your family may have a difficult time accepting the choice. For me, I feel like I am pretty independent person, I don’t mind going to dinner or movies alone and my family relationships are not as close as those of many of my friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I know they love me, but not making it back for a holiday isn’t going to be the end of me. Now my friends are the people I spent the most time with and leaving many of them was very difficult. There were a few times in the first month that I would find a great place that would make me sad when I realized I didn’t have someone to share it with. Other times, I would get upset when I would call someone to meet me somewhere and then remember that it is just not that simple these days.

 Job and Finances – Is the hope that the move will provide you a new job or a better job? Do you have the cash on hand to move or will a company provide assistance? Will the move result in a higher paycheck, smaller paycheck? Have you considered living arrangements? I would not suggest completely following my lead on moving cross-country without going to visit the place first. My move happened so quickly that I did not get a chance to home-hunt prior to getting into the moving truck. I was very lucky and found a great place to live based on my internet search but truthfully if I could do it differently I would. It’s just too hard to know exactly what the area is like, how close favorite stores are, or traffic conditions for your daily commute.

Life Stage – Will the move help you or delay life goals? For many people a move after high school or college graduation is pretty typical and might be a good time to start over. Take a look at the bigger picture of your life and evaluate how a move fits in.

Readiness – Are you just OVER the place you have been living? Do you feel at home and ready to settle down? Or is now the right time for you to explore on your own? What are you giving up by moving? Can you handle change? Are you willing to own your decision and your reason behind it? This list is not designed to cover everything that should be considered when contemplating a move but rather be a starting point.

Question: Have you ever moved? What would you say was the most vital piece in the decision?

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3 Responses to To move or not to move? That is the question.

  1. Raya says:

    Good post and I can totally relate to so many of those! I’m writing a similar one to be up in the next few days-“How to Move Across the Country” or something like that. The title’s always the last thing to come to me 🙂

  2. Great post! I think the most important part of my moving decisions, aside from job/financial, has been timing, which kind of fits into the life stage/readiness categories. If it is a good time to experience life in a new place (i.e. no major anchors in one place – kids, house, owning a business, etc.), then why not? At some point, I imagine making a big move will be more challenging on multiple levels, but at this time in my life it just makes sense to go somewhere new.

  3. Arianna says:

    While my current situation is not the same as what you went through, I, too am trying to decide whether or not to move. My reason? My barking dog and no longer tolerant neighbor. Also the fact that though I love my dear condo, I am rather fed up with some of the aspects of community living and the fact that I can’t take my dogs on a walk without dodging piles of poo from inconsiderate people who can’t pick up after their dog or prying random pieces of garbage out of my dog’s mouth every few feet because people can’t seem to find a trash can. Is it worth it to “give up” my condo in order to have something that will potentially make life easier, or will it be the worst decision I have ever made? Will this also open the door for me to make my own cross country move as I was contemplating just under a year ago? I guess taking a chance is what it is all about, right? You did it, and it was worth it!

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