Where did the weekend go?

Hello friends!

Hope your weekend was fantastic!

I have a bunch of pictures to share from the weekend but they won’t load to my computer. My weekend was spent not doing what I should have done but rather doing exactly what I wanted to do. I guess that is not entirely accurate since I did complete some homework this weekend and I missed a boot camp class I had planned for Saturday morning.

I skipped my morning boot camp because I woke up feeling sick and decided a bit of extra sleep might do the trick. I woke up to the smell of chicken noodle soup, at 8 am, but no one offered it to me. ūüė¶ Thankfully I started feeling better in time to get ready for my planned hike.

The group¬†planned on hiking at¬†Pima Canyon but when we arrived there was zero parking and no sign of anyone leaving soon. We headed down the road to find a spot and just add that distance to our walk. No parking was found for over a mile so we decided to try a different spot that we knew would have plenty¬†of parking. So off to Catalina State Park we went. This week we went on the Romero Pools path with hopes of getting close to the pools before having to turn back. The change of location unfortunately¬†cut into the alloted hiking time and we did not get to the pools. I am looking forward to doing this trail again and going all the way. Pool views have proved to be worth the hike in the past so I am sure this one won’t disappoint.

After a fun time hiking and learning way¬†more about 14 year olds than I planned for, I met up with another¬†friend.¬†A quick trip to the mall for a few things was followed by dinner at Monkey Burger! My coworkers and I have been waiting for Monkey Burger to open close to our job site¬†for months! That location still hasn’t opened but I had a coupon to use and heard the sweet potato fries were worth a trip. We ended up splitting an order of the waffle sweet potato fries and while they were tasty and had good flavor we felt they were lacking something. Along with the fries, I had a¬†salad for dinner. I felt a little silly modifying the heck out of it while ordering but they were very accommodating about the changes and it hit the spot. Once we¬†finished our meals, we¬†headed across down to meet up with a couple of the guys from work and their ladies at a downtown hotel/bar.

The people watching was great, the drinks were tasty, and the company was amazing! We had a lot of fun discussing local Tucson things like the swap meet, Gem Show, and favorite spots we have found over the months. The hours flew by. 

Today I had another hike scheduled. This one was a short 3 mile on a mountain located close to downtown. Tumamoc Hill is no small hill, that puppy takes hikers up about 1.5 miles on a steep and steady incline broken over 4 or 5 straights before turn that takes you higher. The treadmill hill workout has nothing on this hill. I think this needs to go into weekly rotation since it is so close to work and would have amazing evening views. It packs a mean cardio punch and gets those glutes and legs burning!

Time to do something from that to-do list and get ready for the work week!

Enjoy your evening! ūüôā

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2 Responses to Where did the weekend go?

  1. Raya says:

    I have to ask-who made chicken soup and didn’t offer you any???

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