Just Dance

After a week of trying to coordinate schedules I was able to meet my friend, M, for a Dance Trance class tonight. Dance Trance is this awesome dance class involving pumped up hip-hop music while the class goes through a series of choreographed dances in the hour-long class. I discovered in my quick research that Dance Trance has been around for more than 15 years but it seems to really be making a name for itself in this new year.

I tend to find I usually am very self-conscious in a class like this because I lack that natural dancer gene. If you know me on a personal level, you know I have more of a body builder body than that of a ballerina. When you couple that with a family belief of “girls don’t really do sports (except for a year of dance/gymnastics at the age of 4)” you may end up with someone who never really got into it when a choice was an option because really how could you compete with those with years of training.

The instructor was AMAZING! She jumped right into the moves since there was just 5 of us tonight but she was great about checking it with us and encouraging everyone. I was grateful I felt comfortable in the situation and didn’t care what anyone thought of my skills, I was just there to have a good time and if I break a sweat or learn a new move-great. At one point, I told M I was pretty sure it was Bikram Dancing because I was sweating like crazy!

The dances will hopefully be something I can pick up after a few more classes. Many of the moves were repeated from one side of the body to the next and throughout the song. It seemed like once I get it down, I will be okay. Of course that will be the night she switches it all up! 🙂

The best part of working out to me is being able to leave it (stressors) all out there. Out there on the trail, on the treadmill, in the weight room, or on the dance floor. I loved walking in as my regular self and morphing into a dancer.

If you ever find yourself in Tucson I highly suggest you fit a Dance Trance class into your trip. I know I can’t wait for my next class! 🙂


(photo credit-www.dancetrancefitness.com)

Aside from dancing today, I came up with a great idea for a blog series. I’ll be putting together a series of topics regarding deciding to moving and adjusting to the new life and posting those over the next week or so.

Hope you’re day was phenomenal.

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6 Responses to Just Dance

  1. Callie says:

    I love this!!! I have had fun reading your posts and can’t wait for more. There really is something to this blogging thing. I might have to jump on the bandwagon once I graduate in June 🙂

    • Carolyn says:

      Thanks Callie! I don’t remember are you getting your MBA? I have slight envy that you will be finished in June and I won’t be done until January! 🙂 I totally hear you on not having time for anything else.

  2. Raya says:

    Looks like so much fun!!! I’m loving zumba right now and I’ve been meaning to try DT for months now. I’m either going to have to make the drive to Tucson for it, or hit up a class when I’m home in Orlando visiting. OR…hope they open one in Phoenix soon!!!

    • Carolyn says:

      I NEED to try zumba, it sounds like a blasty! Oh my gosh, yes, you NEED to try dance trance. I definitely suggest coming down to Tucson for a class, trust me that the instructor will be worth the drive here! Of course the Orlando one would be amaze also but I think you will really like the instructor here! 🙂 Maybe you and I will have to bring dance trance to Phoenix, that is if I learn the moves!! Have a great day Raya.

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