Weekend Recap

Is there anything that could make this weekend better? Possibly only a three day weekend involving a trip up Lemmon! 🙂

The weather was perfect in Arizona this weekend. Lows in the 40’s and highs right at 70 with a nice slight breeze during the day in the canyons. It’s the kind of weather that makes you understand why exactly people want to be here. Maybe people don’t ENJOY the 100+ degree summer days but these glorious days in January make it all worth it to natives. And heck, I am not one to complain about them either!

Saturday wasn’t much to speak off – homework, quick walk along the River Road, and errand running. Let’s not bore you with pictures and more details.

Both weekend days involved a healthy start of protein pancakes with Strawberry Dark Chocolate Preserves-YUMMY! Today’s included a coffee/chocolate protein shake since the day started with an intense session at the gym and needed to power me through a midday hike.


My girl H and her doggy came to pick me up at 11:45 and we drove to Catalina State Park to meet up with a couple others and new furry friend for a two hour hike on the Sutherland Trail. The hike was amazing, perfectly sunnies skies and warm but not intense heat with a great breeze when you needed it most. Our two hour hike covered a little more than four miles and included a 20 minute rest (more for the doggies). I find it adorable to see the dogs drinking out of their little bowls – next time I need to take a picture of that.

The trail we were on didn’t have any shade coverage and I was really focusing on enjoying the converstation during the hike but I did manage to snap a few pics.

I hope your weekend was as relaxing and fun as mine. Ready to do it again?

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