I moved!

Hope to see you at my new location!


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8/29/11 Workout Journal

20 minute hills on the treadmill

3 sets of 15-25 reps of:

DB Chest Press / Weighted Crunch / DB Fly / Weighted V Ups / DB Pull Over / Skull Crushers / Overhead Tricep Extensions / Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Extension

25 minute hills on the treadmill

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Give me that omlette

I slept in yesterday – 7:30! I woke up a handful of times over the morning and declared them all too early since I had nothing planned until 11. Sleeping in was a decision I quickly regretted.

I started homework and got into a groove but abandoned it within 2 hours to straighten up and get ready for my day. Looking back I should have left the bed when I first woke up, finished my homework early and made a trip to the gym or gone for a walk. I much prefer getting business done early and then a full day to play.  

I had plans at 11. Since I was dressed up I snapped a photo.

I met a group of 16 at Armitage Wine Bar for brunch.

I went with the mushroom, prosciutto, havarti omelette with potato wedges. I also had a mimosa and a bellini. They were half priced and it was brunch so I justified it, okay.

After a two-hour brunch, I was craving pool time. Sadly the homework was calling me to finish it and I had to answer the call.

Rounded out my weekend with a quick trip to Costco for bread and fruit, a sweaty HITT treadmill workout, and a piece of  salmon from that place that takes all my money.

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Yoga on Saturday was a much-needed hour of stretching after the 40 mile bike ride. It was a yoga class at the gym so it wasn’t over the top amazing but I felt the teacher was good and it did what I needed it to do.

I was surprised by my lack an appetite after class. I remember after my 50 mile ride a few months ago I felt like I couldn’t get food into my mouth fast enough. Since my body wasn’t very hungry after biking and yoga I decided to make myself a salad.

It was a pretty massive pile of lettuce with goat cheese,  avocado, and shrimp buried under the lettuce.

A short while later, I decided to make a toasted hummus sandwich.  Yum! So amazing that something so simple can be so delicious.

As I was munching my sandwich my friend Megan swung over for a little chat session. We hung out at my place for a bit before deciding to grab a bite at Whole Foods.

I went with the red quinoa salad and raw kale salad. Both salads were delicious and I ended up mixing them together in one container. I tried the 365 Electrolyte Enhanced Water for the 1st time, very crisp. 

Since we were so close, we decided to stop over at Frost Gelato for something sweet. Precious little gelato balls!

My ‘play date’ was much too short. But she had plans with her hubby and I had plans with my laptop and a table at Starbucks. Hmm, I think she wins for better plans. Is it just me or does time fly when working at Starbucks? I did a little homework, emailing, and some goal/life thinking and before I knew it two hours had passed.

By that point I was getting tired from the early morning and headed home for some relaxation.

How was your Saturday?

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8/28/11 Workout Journal

What do you get when you add having just 45 minutes to workout and the inability to fully extend your arms because they are sore from Friday together?

One SWEATY treadmill HIIT workout!

Well first I stopped in the weight area to bust out 3 sets of 18 reps of:

Overhead Press / Lateral Raises / Lat Pulldown / Seated Row / 21s / Bicep Curls

I wanted to get the blood flowing to the upper body and was hoping a light working of neighboring muscle groups would help me forget the soreness in the biceps and triceps.

Then it was treadmill time!!!

In 20 minutes I powered through 2 miles and blasted away the calories. After a quick warm up, I alternated between going balls to the walls for 1 minute and walking for 1 minute.

Props to Drake and Usher Radio on Pandora for getting me through this one.

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Mega Beast Style

(Lamesauce photo)

Happy Saturday!!

Wow, what a day. My alarm went off at 4:45 this morning and my first thought was “what was I thinking getting H to commit to today’s ride?” My second thought was “why does my throat feel funny?” Followed by “Well you can’t cancel on this ride since you suckered H into it so deal.”

Popped out of bed, tossed on my most padded Pearl Izumi bike shorts and my favorite coral Nike cycling tank (pockets in the back, yo!).

Forced myself to eat something – half a bagel with sunflower seed butter and a coffee banana smoothie. A brush of my teeth, hair pony tailed, grabbed my gear, and took of to meet H.


We planned to meet on the corner at 5:30 and as you can see the sun was just coming up. I was impressed I remembered to put sunscreen on because seriously, who thinks of that prior to 5 am when the sun is still sleeping?

Insert tangent – Sadest part of the morning was that my bike computer didn’t register any of the ride so I had no way to see distance or pace. The photo at the top of the post is horrible quality but gives an idea of what I was doing for 40 miles this morning.

After a quick shot up the road, we met up with the group we would be spending the next few hours with. Once the group was ready we took off heading west. We regrouped about 10 miles into the ride and while waiting and fueling I snapped these shots.



From there we headed northeast. By this point the sun was definitely awake. I struggled some during this section of the ride. After messing up my gears last weekend I had a difficult time getting into the sweet spot. Luckily I found it for the last 10 miles!

A cute neighborhood path

From the neighborhood we headed east before reaching another pausing spot. The terrain was very nice for this portion and basically just some rolling hills.

At this point of the ride H wasn’t feeling to great and we were both ready to be on our way home. Once the group was starting to reform we let them know we were taking off to complete the ride and started on our way south.

The last section of the route was down hill with one little push hill. We dominated that section and separated at the meet up spot. I continued down the road I live on going west. I went out a couple of miles before looping back towards home.

When I got home I snapped a pic of my dirty leg – because you totally want to see this!

It was shark bite central over here, two showers later and I still have a little left to scrub off.

Grabbed myself a smoothie – ok fine I almost cried because Mr. Magic Bullet wasn’t releasing the top and I thought my smoothie and my stomach wouldn’t get to be together – and headed to the gym for a yoga class and short walk to stretch my legs out.

My afternoon was just as crazy as the morning so I’ll check you later for round 2!

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8/26/11 Workout Journal

20 minute elliptical warm up, level 13

3 sets of 15-30:
Bicep curls with 30 pound bar
Hammer curls with 12.5 dumbbells
Bicep curls with the pulley 30 pound
Tricep dip machine with 80 pound
Skull crushers with 30 pound bar
Tricep pull downs with pulley 20 pounds

20 minute jog, cool down

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